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Non-electromagnetic vortex cosmic energies and people

Physicists have detected and conducted systematic measurements of not-electromagnetic vortex energy. It is found to have both right- and left-handed swirls and to appear at certain positions of planets and Moon. Moreover, the energy is related with changes in rotational velocity of Earth. Comparison of the energy peaks on Earth with electroencephalograms (EEGs) of more than 1000 surveyed, as well as with social processes going on Earth, has shown these peaks to be the most important bifurcation points in people change. Moments related to such peaks often coincide with revolutions, protests, terrorism, unusual behavior of stock markets, and others. We associate the dynamics of the peaks with the dynamics of social and economic development.

Keywords: vortex energy, cosmic energy, terrorism, protests, rotational velocity of Earth, LOD, Schauberger, ether, EEG, stock markets, records, society

Research of A.F. Pugach, G.A. Nikolsky (3-9, 12), and other scientists let us link complex social and economic phenomena with non-electromagnetic vortex energy. These scientists have invented and applied unique apparatus to detect the vortex energy coming on Earth. Peaks of this energy most often occurred when three planets (or two planets and Moon) were placed in-line. Soliton waves, the flows of non-electromagnetic gravity-spin energy, were recorded during lunar eclipses, at Venus passaging through the solar disk, and in other cases as well. Comparison of results of these studies (comprising several thousand individuals) with a particular space configuration of planets, as well as with Earth's rotational velocity, allowed us to conclude the unusual people reactions on such cosmic energies. There occur changes in EEG, mental activity, type of intelligence, type of personality, and others.

Graphs of reaction of Torsind - the apparatus that measures the energy of non-electromagnetic vortexes - were combined with Earth's rotational velocity and with obtained database devoted to the study of psychophysiological reactions of people, their accentuations, biographies, life successes, and others.

The Torsind graph shows that in December 2013, the moment of transition of Torsind disks rotation from right- to left-hand side coincided with Earth’s rotation slowing down. The graph is provided by A.F. Pugach.

Figure 1. Reaction of Torsind in December 2013

Together, this and other graphs show that the change in sign of rotation acceleration of Earth more often coincides with change periods of direction of rotation of the Torsind disk, but not in all cases.

At a point of Earth’s maximum rotational velocity, changes the direction of the non-electromagnetic swirls. It is analogous to vortex processes studied by Victor Schauberger on an example of movement of river water.

Описание: http://khd2.narod.ru/authors/polygon/helic04.gif

Figure 2. Scheme of change of movement direction and rotational direction of water swirls in river according to [11]

The graph reflects certain patterns. At first, the water rotational velocity is a spin energy, the energy of rotation. When it achieves its maximum value, water swirls switch direction. At second, the vortex frequency at the switch point is maximum.

In opposite, at the turn of flow, when the velocity of water flowing decreases, the vortex frequency becomes minimal, the swirls literally disappear. Further, the velocity starts to grow. Then, what is the reason for this to happen? The reason is attractive gravitational forces.

At moment of maximum velocity, water flowing follows mostly the laws of vortex changes. At minimal force of swirls - water flows mostly according to the laws of gravity. At high speeds, the laws of water flowing are determined by vortex processes, and at low ones – by gravity. That is, the ratio of gravitational and spin energies is changing cyclically.

Using the Torsind, the spin energy was detected on Earth in a moment, when planets were accelerating Earth’s movement through Moon. In the absence of such acceleration the Torsind stopped moving.

One of the forms of the non-electromagnetic vortex energy – soliton waves – was systematically recorded by G.A. Nikolsky. These vortex non-electromagnetic energies often emerge at lunar eclipses. According to Nikolsky, Moon stands in the way of swirls of the non-electromagnetic solar energy and projects it on Earth.

By the laws of swirls formation, the spin energies should be at their maximum values at the peak of rotational velocity of Earth. In opposite, at Earth’s minimal rotational velocity, the spin energy switches to the gravitational one that achieves here its maximum value. Let us clarify this graphically.

Figure 3. Jupiter’s influence on Earth’s rotational velocity along the gravitational string through Moon.

Moon, depending on location in-line among great-size and other planets, and absolute value of rotation, can either slow down rotation of Earth, or accelerate it.

If Earth is on the gravitational line, say, Jupiter-Moon-part of Earth, which rotates towards Jupiter, then the rotational and attractive forces add, and the rotational velocity of Earth increases.

So it was on December 18, 2013, when the Torsind fixed a transition from right- to left-hand rotation.

And what was on Earth in that time? Euromaidan was in a full swing in Kiev. Here is the press report dating to December 18, 2013: “On the Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine's euro-integration supporters are building new and strengthening old barricades”. rus.azattyq.org/a/25204975.html

Protests began as well in prosperous European countries. Exactly on December, 18, thousands of people came into streets in Austria and Italy. They were protesting against the economic policy of the authorities. It was not easy in France as well.

The following is noted in the Internet on the 18 of December: «Farmers in France have risen! At least, these titles should flaunt on editorials of European newspapers. Compared with what is happening now in France, the barricades in the center of Kiev seem to be just fun in the sandbox". http://www.odnako.org/blogs/krizis-vo-francii-buntuyut-fermeri-i-melkie-predprinimateli/


It is rather difficult to estimate the activity of terrorists considering only one single day. Entrust the overall assessment of the special services of Israel:

Their opinion: «This week (from 17 of December) in different areas the increase of terrorists’ activities has been observed». Such cases are given in http://www.terrorism-info.org.il/ru/article/20604.

And this is not an accident. The collected statistics shows the unique relationship between terrorists’ birth, their terrorist acts and the intensity of gravity-spin energies.

On this day, the price jumped for all main shares.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 292.71 points, or 1.8 percent, at 16,167.97, surpassing its Nov. 27 record.

The S&P 500 rose 29.65 points, or 1.7 percent, to 1,810.65, also a record finish. Health care led gains that included all 10 of the S&P 500's major sectors.

The Nasdaq jumped 46.38 points, or 1.2 percent, to 4,070.06, finishing at a 13-year high.

See: http://www.cnbc.com/2013/12/18/us-stocks-open-mildly-higher-in-waiting-for-fed-decision.html

And this is not an accident. Dependencies of stock market movement on gravity-spin energy have been analyzed systemically. The knowledge and techniques can be improved in the accuracy of prediction of share prices (see: 13).

Many sports records have been established this day. See: http://www.molsport.ru/news_date/2013/12/18/2452/. And even a new Guinness record in lifting weights. See: http://pravdasevera.ru/society/-5y9arvgp. And this is not an accident too. System analysis of the outstanding sports achievements showed that the most times they have been installed at the considered position of the planets being analyzed (See: 1).

Gravity-spin energy usually grow at the following a position of the planets: See: https://space.utema.ru/sss/ .

Figure 4. Configuration of planets on December 18, 2013

However, not always the location of the Earth in one line with the Moon and other planets, even great, due to the change of direction of rotation Torsind with corresponding cosmic energies.

At the lunar eclipse on March 9, 2016, such soliton waves have not been observed as usual.

This is the location of the planets and the Moon before the eclipse.

Figure 5. Configuration of planets on March 8, 2016

Neither the sun nor the Jupiter at that time did not change the speed of rotation of the Earth through the Moon. Spin energy was not fixed by Torsind.

These reflections need to answer the question: when critical changes occur in our psyche when changing the Earth's rotation? On the peaks, crevices such changes cause revolutions, protests, terrorist acts ... Here is the data at the beginning of 2016 about the mass protests in France. Below is police data.

March 9 - 224 thousands of protesters.

March 17 - 150 thousands.

March 24 - there is no exact data.

March 31 - 390 thousands in Paris (in the whole France about 1 million).

April 9 - about 120 thousands for the whole France (in Paris, about 20 thousands people).

April 29 - burning cars, protests.

May 19 - 400 thousands of protesters.

When the length of day (LOD) on the graph goes up - the length of Earth's day is increasing, the Earth's rotation speed drops. When the curve of the graph goes down, the Earth's rotation speed increases. But the most important is the point where the change in the ratio of gravitational energy and spin.

In July 2016 there was a dramatic change in the Earth's rotation.

This sharp increase in the Earth's rotation has not been in recent years.

We approximate that of the graph c marked the most important protests at this time in the world.


You can express different hypotheses. But there is a system of facts, more than 1,000. Their EEGs, personal, intellectual qualities are changed at the time of building a parade of planets, and the appearance of the vortex energy. We become other. In some conditions it promotes the growth of the rate of social and economic development, in other - revolutions, protests, terrorist acts ... (See: 2).

Important: a comparative analysis of the results of psychological testing and measurement of EEGs (electroencephalogram people) shows a direct relationship of these results with gravity-spin energies on the Earth.

Table of relative changes in frequency of EEG of examinees at the Earth's finding in line with the Sun, the giant planets and one of the other planets























































The top row of the table is the frequency value in Hz at the points of pickup. Below - frequency deviation from the mean values in building the parade of planets: the Earth - Jupiter (or Saturn, the Sun) - another planet (or Moon)

The graph of the relative frequencies of the EEG changes in the pick-up points at Earth's finding on one line and another planet at the same time with the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn

EEG pickup points:

F - the front - the frontal (F3, F4);

C - central (C3, C4);

P - parietal - over the occipital (P3, P4);

O - occipital - occipital (O1, O2)

At the time when there are changes in speed under the influence of giant planets, the Earth's rotation and the other planets, space bodies, changing our psychophysiological activity in different areas of the brain in different ways. Under the influence of different planets changes are different, since their weight, speed of rotation and flight are different. EEG frequencies and profiles change with the Earth's rotation rate during the year. These physiological changes coincided with a change in the results of psychological tests solutions. Statistically reliable data are obtained for about 15 years. Trends in various years are of the same type.

Thus we have the coincidence in time acts of terrorism, protests, revolutions, sudden changes in the stock markets with a specific arrangement of the planets associated with different intensity, a different ratio of the spin and gravitational energy. This is not an accident. The most important thing at the moment of change of acceleration of the Earth's rotation is changes in the direction of the vortex, spin energy. And it is the most important moment in the changing of physiological, mental processes in humans. It changed our decisions and actions. This bifurcation point in the development of people, humanity.


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